Field Results

Total Egypt

The campaign needed extensive under-reaming and caused concerns over vibrations and long bit trips.

The group of partnering operators went diligently through all available methods for vibration mitigation when planning a deep exploration project in the Nile Delta. Real-time dynamics, shock recorders and absorbers were all brought in for evaluation. This evaluation also included the Tomax XC-AST.


The Tomax tool was tested by overlap in a particularly challenging section. Based on the test results, Total put the bet on Tomax and ordered tools to the well site for five consecutive sections. One dimension was left for contingency. Three of the sections included under-reamer:


At TD, an impressive record of efficiency was revealed: The Total team had drilled four of the five sections in one bit run. Only the longest section needed an extra bit. Total had proven it was possible to mitigate the risk from vibration through a large variety of sediments.